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Aussie businesses with solar save an average of 65% on energy bills and up to 150K in tax write off *

At Solar Merchants, we have a dedicated in-house team of Commercial solar specialists who manage the entire project, Solar engineers who systematically design your system, Accredited & certified installers who provide your business with a completely efficient and reliable PV solar solution with monitoring capability.

With emerging technology & fast-paced innovation straight from Germany and right here at home, you can rest assured knowing that your PV solar panel system will provide your business with great savings and an essential back­up power facility.

This year the Federal Government has announced a $17.6 billion economic stimulus.  It includes tax deduction incentives that make commercial solar a viable solution.



Cost Saving for Commercial Consumers

The cost benefits of solar power are even more appealing for Commercial PV systems. With the majority of commercial sites trading during the day, electricity rates are on the higher side due to peak demand, Commercial sites can take advantage of GRID connected PV systems that will produce at its highest peak during daylight hours and hence the majority of peak demand coming from the solar system will in turn reduce their reliance on the GRID.

Lower electricity bills.

Reduce your reliance on the GRID.

Shield yourself from rising electricity costs.

Flexible payment plan options that ensure cash flow positive results.

Improved cash flow and energy cost savings from the time of installation.

PPA – Power Purchase Agreements.

Renewable energy, great for the environment.

Excellent government incentives.

Tax deductible & depreciated asset.

Storage capability for those that operate around the clock – use your own power when you need it.

Fantastic return on your investment: 15 – 20% year on year translating to less than 5 years ROI.

Adds value to your property price.

Creates jobs for the Australian community.

Obligation-free Solar Consultation

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