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Residential Solar


Across Australia, thousands of homeowners have realized the potential that dedicated residential solar panels can offer. In spite of government incentives for Solar power systems winding back recently; there are still huge incentives, benefits available that still make the prospect of installing a PV system a valuable one.

We directly consult with you, to ensure that you are getting the right type of residential PV panel system for the specific need and requirement of your home.

Solar Merchants offers a wide range of system option to suit all your roofline & house requirements. We can also custom design a system to meet any requirement. We have highly trained Photovoltaic Engineers that assist with all system designs. The use of high quality components at Solar Merchants gives you the confidence that the systems designed & installed are as efficient, safe and durable as they can possibly be.

Cost Saving for Residential Consumers

Lower electricity bills.

Reduce your reliance on the GRID.

Shield yourself from rising electricity costs.

Storage capacity for those who operate round the clock – use your own power when you need it.

Flexible payment plans that ensure cash flow & positive results.

Improved cash flow and energy cost savings from the time of installation.

Tax deductible & depreciated asset – Registered home office.

Excellent government incentives.

Renewable energy, great for the environment.

Adds value to your property price.

Creates jobs for the Australian community.

Smart Homes

Energy monitoring systems allow our customers to track their solar system and their performance. This includes recording the energy generation and consumption for home or business, meaning the user is then able to isolate areas of vast consumption and adjust if necessary.

Solar Merchants offers several energy monitoring technologies to help our customers with this process.

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