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  • The terms and conditions stipulated are for supply and installation of a Solar PV System by Solar Merchants to the The Customer by accepting the offer from Solar Merchants agrees to these terms and conditions.


  • The General lead time for system installation by Solar Merchants will be 2-5 weeks from the date of this agreement, which may vary and we will endeavour to organise the installation at the earliest possible date.


  • Standard warranties for our products and services are as follows: Solar Panels – 10 years product & 25 years performance warranty, Inverter – 5-10 years, Installer workmanship – 1 year, unless specified otherwise.


  • If the Customer’s wiring, switchboard and meter do not comply with safety standards or otherwise requires any updates or replacement, upon site inspection by the installer, the associated costs will be payable by the Customer.


  • Solar Merchants reserves the right to change the standard system configuration due to technological advancements or availability.


  • You acknowledge that the total price of the system/unit is the discounted price which has been discounted by the government rebate payable per Renewable Energy Certificate If the government rebate changes, then it may be financially unviable for Solar Merchants to install system/unit. In that case, Solar Merchants may need to renegotiate the price payable before installing the unit. Solar Merchants will advise you, in writing, and seek your approval before proceeding with the installation. If the new price is not acceptable to either of the parties, then either party has the right to cancel this contract. In which case, Solar Merchants will refund any deposit (in full) it may have received.


  • In any situation of recovering any outstanding monies from the Customer, Solar Merchants will charge the Customer all the fees including solicitor’s fees, any debt collection agency fees and interest on the outstanding amount in accordance to the general interest rate applicable.


  • The goods installed at the Customer’s premises remains the property of Solar Merchants until full payment has been made.


  • Prices exclude cost of smart meter upgrade, unless specified otherwise.


  • Solar Merchants will use only qualified and accredited tradespersons, where required, for providing installation services.


  • Solar Merchants will be liable for supplying goods as mentioned in the system details section and installation services will be fully compliant as per the norms for a Grid Connect Solar PV System in Australia.


  • Solar Merchants will maintain sufficient insurance cover for any loss suffered by the Customer due to our negligence by excluding any consequential losses.


  • All goods and services are subject to standard manufacturer’s warranty and applicable Consumer Guarantees under law.


  • Solar Merchants will use its best endeavours to maximise the system’s performance by adopting efficient system design, or loss by any other contractor, tradesperson or natural occurrence to the installed components or any Items not covered by warranty, at Solar Merchants’ discretion, the Customer will have to incur a minimum service call out fee of AUD 195.00 (Plus GST) within business hours.


  • Information provided regarding all but not limited to Government Schemes and programs like REC’s, Solar Credits, Feed-in Tariffs, is believed to be correct at the time of publication, but these tend to vary. Solar Merchants is not liable for any losses caused by change to the government assistance schemes or any third parties, caused to the Customer.


  • Customer has ten business days cooling-off period during which the Customer may cancel this agreement and Solar Merchants will refund in full any deposit amount.


  • Once the cooling off period has lapsed, the deposit amount is non refundable, if the agreement it considers to cover the administrative costs.


  • Balance payment (not applicable for commercial lease or finance customers) is due on the day of installation.
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