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Structured Finance

In partnership with major financial institutions, Solar Merchants is able to facilitate flexible payment plan options for our clients to install residential & commercial solar PV systems. This empowers our clients to pay for the system via a number of monthly repayments, avoiding the need to tie up large amounts of capital thereby improving cash flow. Repayments can be structured so that electricity cost savings generated by the solar PV system can partly or completely cover the cost of the repayments.

Key Benefits:

Electricity savings can meet all or part of the finance costs.

Financing preserves working capital and greatly improves cash flow.

Interest costs & depreciation may be claimed as a tax deduction in certain circumstances (Client must obtain its own professional advice in relation to taxation).

100% of Asset cost can be financed.

Choice of finance type to best suit each individual client.

Flexible Terms of up to 84 months.

Finance provided by major financial institutions.

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