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Discover the Solar VIC Home Program with Solar Merchants

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Solar VIC Home Program


What’s In Store for You:

  1. Solar Battery Loans: Take advantage of our exclusive Solar Battery Loans, enabling you to add energy storage to your solar panel system. Store excess energy for when you need it most and maximize your solar savings!
  2. Solar Panel (PV) Rebate: As part of the program, you can benefit from substantial rebates on solar panel installations. Lower your upfront costs and enjoy the immediate financial advantages of solar energy.
  3. Solar Rebates for Rental Properties: Are you a landlord or property owner with rental properties? The Solar VIC Home Program extends its benefits to rental properties as well. Install solar panels on your rental properties and empower your tenants with sustainable living.

Solar for Business Program Update:


As of June 30th, the Solar for Business program has concluded. While the business program is no longer offering rebates and interest-free loans, you can still explore the numerous benefits available under the Solar VIC Home Program.

Visit now and embark on your journey towards a greener, more energy-efficient home with Solar Merchants!

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